In 2015, we opened a specialty cafe in Arizona, bringing third wave coffee to the desert. Our small space was quickly known and recognized around the world. The shop combines our passion for great coffee with our love for vintage machines, while our simple menu highlights some of the best beans in the world. 

Our machines were carefully chosen, keeping in line with form and function. Our vintage German roaster (Probat L12) is strong, beautiful, reliable, and responsible for a pretty magical finished product.

We fell in love with specialty coffee over a decade ago and for the past five years focused on being approachable and inclusive as we work directly with farmers to showcase their beans here in the desert. We want to watch the farms and families grow so they can continue to produce the best crop we use at Four. 

If you are looking to carry Four Coffee or have us at an event, please drop us a line wholesale@fourcoffee.com 

We went direct to the source. Lake Yogoa, Santa Barbara, Honduras.  


 We brought back direct-trade coffee to roast in the desert. Powered by Four Coffee.